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'2014' author readings at the KGB Bar, New York City, 5th November

The monthly FIZZ reading event at Manhattan's KGB Bar on Wednesday 7th November 2014, was devoted to writers from Pure Slush's 2014 A Year in Stories.

These writers included Guilie Castillo Oriard (who flew in from Curaçao), John Wentworth Chapin (who journeyed up from Baltimore), Andrew Stancek (who flew down from Toronto) and Teresa Burns Gunther (who flew over from northern California).

Writers who live in the US Northeast who attended included Derek Osborne, Lynn Beighley, Rachel Ambrose, Margaret Bingel, Gary Percesepe and Kimberlee Smith.

Other writers with work on the Pure Slush site and in PS print anthologies attended to lend support and admiration and applause! These included Martha Rand, Paul Beckman, and Michael Dickes.

Photos below, and thanks to Paul Beckman for taking them.

And you can find the covers of each individual author's collection here

(above) crowd schmoozing!

(above) waiting ... 

(above) Lynn Beighley reads from her copy of You Tell Me

(above) John Wentworth Chapin reads from Kaleidoscope

(above) Teresa Burns Gunther reads from People Skills, while Susan Tepper holds a copy of 2014 July Vol. 7 in the foreground 

(above) Andrew Stancek reads from Wingy Unbound

(above) Kimberlee Smith reads from Backsliders A Love Story

(above) Rachel Ambrose reads from An Eighth of Happiness 

(above) Derek Osborne reads from Falling in Love with Rebecca Vasquez

(above) Margaret Bingel reads from The Small Struggle

(above) Guilie Castillo Oriard reads from The Miracle of Small Things

(above) Gary Percesepe reading from SHOT



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