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We love interviews at Pure Slush. We love conducting them and we love giving them. Listed below are interviews given as part of the work we do. Happy reading!

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Editor interviews

2014 A Year in Stories writer interviews 

The Hue Questionnaire

Rattle of Want  by  Gay Degani 

Many Fish to Fry  by  Abha Iyengar 

The Vixen Scream and other Bible Stories  by  Nancy Stohlman

• Glass Animals  by  Stephen V. Ramey 

Wild: a collection  by  Gill Hoffs

Vestal Aversion  by  Matt Potter 

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Editor interviews, about Pure Slush generally

• in September 2016 Matt Potter was interviewed about his roles as PS editor and publisher at Bath Flash Fiction ... find the interview by clicking here 

• in November 2014, Alicia Cole of The Review Review conducted a round table conversation with PS editor Matt Potter, Matthew Limpede of Carve and RW Spryszak of Thrice Fictionclick here

• in October 2014, Bartleby Snopes editor Nathaniel Tower asked a number of editors / publishers 2 questions about tips for starting a litmag, and you can find the answers Matt Potter and many others gave by clicking here 

 in August 2014, an interview with Loren Kleinman for The Huffington Post was published: click here

• in March 2014, an interview with Hadley Catalano was published on The Review Review: click here. 

• In February 2014, an interview with Mike Joyce was published on Literary Orphans: click here. 

• An interview about Pure Slush chapbooks with Bonnie ZoBell was published by Flash Fiction Chronicles, in January 2014: click here.

• In August 2013, Layla Blackwell asked the questions and the results were published at Writers Circle of Scotlandclick here.

• In August 2013, Gessy Alvarez asked the questions on her blog Digging Through the Fatclick here. 

• Gill Hoffs interviewed editor Matt Potter in March 2013 about gorge: a novel in stories Pure Slush Vol. 4 at Flash Fiction Chroniclesclick here.

• Jim Harrington interviewed PS editor Matt Potter in his Six Questions For... series, in February 2012: click here.

• Pure Slush celebrated its first birthday in December 2011, with an interview by Gay Degani for Flash Fiction Chroniclesclick here.

• An interview about Pure Slush, given in December 2010 on Fictionaut, soon after PS was established: click here.

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2014 A Year in Stories writer interviews

  in August 2014, an interview with Loren Kleinman for The Huffington Post was published: click here

Andrée Robinson-Neal interviewed 9 of the writers involved with 2014, for Flash Fiction Chronicles, and you can find a short version of the original article here ... and you can find the full interview answers by clicking here. The interviews were published in August 2014.

• Gloria Garfunkel has conducted a series of interviews with writers involved in Pure Slush’s 2014 A Year in Storiesclick here

Michelle Elvy collated reviews of many of the story cycles in 2014, to celebrate reaching half way, and published them at Awkword Paper Cut: click here. 

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The Hue Questionnaire

Writers on Pure Slush are asked to complete The Hue Questionnaire about themselves ... and the results are often fun ... and revealing.

For the complete list of writers whose work has been published by Pure Slushclick All Authors.

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Rattle of Want

Gay Degani was interviewed

• at Tethered by Letters

• at Change Seven by Anne E. Weisgerber

• by Samuel Snoek-Brown here

• by Jayne Martin on her blog here

• and on the Bartleby Snopes blog 

• and she is also interviewed by Kathy Fish on her blog here

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Many Fish to Fry

Abha Iyengar was interviewed on the interview site WordMothers in January 2015.

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The Vixen Scream and other Bible Stories

Nancy Stohlman was interviewed by Amanda Moutinho about flash fiction and The Vixen Scream and other Bible Stories: click here

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Wild: a collection

• Gill Hoffs spoke with Gessy Alvarez on Gessy's blog Digging Through the Fat about the differences between writing fiction and non-fiction and two of the stories collected in Wild, in February 2014: click here.

• Gill Hoffs spoke with Michael Malone about her non-fiction book The Sinking of the RMS Tayleur: The Lost Story of the Victorian Titanic, on his blog in January 2014, and mentioned its connection to Wild: click here.

Christopher Allen interviewed Gill about Wild for his blog I Must Be Off in July 2012: click here.

Sarah Collie interviewed Gill for her blog in July 2012: click here.

• Jane Riddell interviewed Gill in June 2012: click here

• Victoria Watson interviewed Gill in June 2012: click here.

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Vestal Aversion

• In August 2013, Gessy Alvarez asked the questions about many things on her blog Digging Through the Fat, including about Vestal Aversionclick here.

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