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2014 - A Year in Stories

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July 2014:

2014 A Year in Stories’ is at the halfway point, so Michelle Elvy collected the thoughts and ideas of many of the series’ writers about the work of other writers’ in the series, and Awkword Paper Cut published them hereThanks to Michelle for her great work collating the special review, and Awkword Paper Cut for publishing it. 


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2014 March Vol. 3   2014 April Vol.4

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Quarterly compendiums now available

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Background to the 2014 project

Pure Slush’s big project for 2014 is under way. Its a multi-volume anthology called 2014, it includes 12 volumes, each volume devoted to a month of the year, and therefore named January Vol. 1February Vol. 2, etc.

Each writer involved is contributing one story per month ... so 12 stories in all, from 28 of the 31 writers involved. (11 from two of them, and 7 from the last.)

And each of these writers is taking one day of each month - the 5th, the 13th, the 21st, for example - and setting his / her stories on that same day of every month.

So, for example, a writer takes the 10th – Friday 10th January, Monday 10th February, Monday 10th March, Thursday 10th April, etc – throughout the year.

What we’re publishing is a series of stories from each writer that arcs across the whole year, involving the same character or set of characters. Twelve days in the life of that person or people. So every month, as the books are released, readers can dip into these characters’ lives. Like a serial.

Each volume is being released (in print and eBooks) a month or more before the start of each month in 2014 ... so readers can read a story a day, in real time.

Written in the present tense, these stories can be read as if they are happening NOW ... which if the reader chooses to read one per day, will be like experiencing these characters in real time.

All the days of the month were assigned to writers who said yes, I want to be involved, put my name against a date!

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Whats happening NOW ... 

Stephen V. Ramey is keeping a daily blog of every story throughout the year. Find the blog here.

Shane Simmons also wrote about how he became involved with the project, and you can find what he wrote here.

PS editor was interviewed about the genesis of the project by Mike Joyce of Literary Orphans, and you can find the interview by clicking here

And Guilie Castillo Oriard is using the 2014 project for her blogposts during Aprils A to Z Challenge, which you can find here 

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Writer interviews

Gloria Garfunkel is conducting a series of interviews with writers involved with the project. To find the interviews with each writer, which are all originally posted on Facebook, click on their names below:

interview with h. l. nelson - 25th February 2014 

interview with Margaret Bingel - 21st February 2014 

interview with Rachel Ambrose - 21st February 2014

interview with Shane Simmons - 21st February 2014 

interview with Vanessa Weibler Paris - 19th February 2014 

interview with Townsend Walker - 18th February 2014 

interview with James Claffey - 18th February 2014 

interview with Michelle Elvy - 17th February 2014 

interview with Sally-Anne Macomber - 17th February 2014 

interview with Darryl Price - 16th February 2014 

interview with Teresa Burns Gunther - 16th February 2014 

interview with Len Kuntz - 13th February 2014 

interview with Nathaniel Tower - 13th February 2014 

interview with Mandy Nicol - 13th February 2014 

interview with Matt Potter - 11th February 2014 

interview with Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz - 10th February 2014 

interview with Gary Percesepe - 10th February 2014 

interview with Jessica McHugh - 10th February 2014 

interview with Lynn Beighley - 9th February 2014 

interview with Gill Hoffs - 9th February 2014 

interview with Kimberlee Smith - 8th February 2014 

interview with John Wentworth Chapin - 7th February 2014 

interview with Stephen V. Ramey - 6th February 2014 

interview with Joanne Jagoda - 6th February 2014 

interview with Michael Webb - 1st February 2014 

interview with Gay Degani - 31st January 2014 

interview with Gloria Garfunkel (conducted by Guilie Castillo Oriard) - 28th January 2014 

interview with Andrew Stancek - 26th January 2014 

interview with Derek Osborne - 15th January 2014

interview with Guilie Castillo Oriard - 13th January 2014



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2014 in audio

Some writers involved in 2014 A Year in Stories have recorded (or had recorded for them) stories from the project. Find them below, in ascending date order.


September 2014

• 27th  -  The Clone Whores  -  read by Nathaniel Tower 


August 2014 

• 27th  -  Samford, a Motel 6 Couch, and the Blonde Woman  -  read by Nathaniel Tower


July 2014 

• 27th  -  In the Bathroom at Arby's  -  read by Nathaniel Tower


June 2014

• 27th  -  Samford Awakens from a Month-long Coma  -  read by Nathaniel Tower


May 2014 

• 27th  -  Samford's Big Race  -  read by Nathaniel Tower 


April 2014

• 16th  -  A Dose of the Leather  -  read by James Claffey 

• 27th  -  Samford's Under the Bed  -  read by Nathaniel Tower 


March 2014 

• 27th  -  Samford gets a rectal exam  -  read by Nathaniel Tower 


February 2014 

• 27th  -  Waking Up Samford Again  -  read by Nathaniel Tower 


January 2014

• 1st  -  The Miracle of Small Things  -  read by Guilie Castillo Oriard 

• 27th  -  Waking Up Samford  -  read by Nathaniel Tower



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