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Achilles Heels

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by Kristian Patruno 


You always liked yuppie men,

go getters you'd put your three hour makeup and shower on for;

every morning the bathroom yours,

with exception of us kids cleaning teeth and brushing hair,

when you'd let the mirror go for a few seconds while you criticised our styles,

eyed where our shoes weren't polished, and swore at ink stains on our school ties.


A blonde kid of messy hair, I'd watch you stand naked on the tiles

blow drying long brown hair straight for the day—

for the men—you'd push toes through

your stockings, rolling up legs like mini skirt, for better sales

in a lacy bra. fully perfumed;

a woman complete; but for the heels

of us kids. 


published 4 June 2016