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An Affair of the Heart

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by Irene Buckler


Resplendent in his new Armani dinner suit, Colin reflects on his change of fortune.

For as long as she lived, Colin’s mother told him that his wealthy father was a heartless monster who had not only denied paternity, but also threatened her with violent retribution should news of their illegitimate son ever reach his family. However, after reading about his father’s failing health, Colin had decided to make contact with him and after DNA tests confirmed their relationship, Colin was delighted when his father welcomed him as a long lost and much wanted son.

“This young man is my new lease on life,” Colin’s father declared when introducing Colin to his other sons.

Colin’s heart had swelled with pride and now he wonders how his mother could have been so wrong.

His place in the family is sealed with an invitation to join his father’s exclusive gentleman’s club, a bastion of power and wealth, and Colin waits, accompanied by his half-brother, in its handsomely appointed ante-room to be summoned. He could not be happier. His father has promised him a once in a lifetime experience – and it is.

As soon as he succumbs to the stupefying effect of his spiked cognac, Colin is transported to a state-of-the-art operating suite, where his father’s chest lies open. Colin’s healthy heart is a perfect match.


published 2 March 2016