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Angry Dad

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My wife’s eyes told me that—whatever it was--it was bad, but I hadn’t done anything wrong. I had nothing to worry about. I watched as she typed the words. 

Realization set in before the video image loaded up.

Two months ago, Hope took Lucy back inside Chuck E. Cheese’s to use the potty. I held Lukas’s little two year old hand tight as we walked across the hot, soft asphalt towards our car. 

The video began here.

“I never had the feeling that anyone was watching us.” I whispered. “I didn’t sense that anyone else was close by. The guy must have only been a few cars away.”

We watched Lukas throw himself onto the pavement and start flopping around like a fish.

“He didn’t want to go home.” I said. “He wanted to use up the rest of his tokens. But it was time to go home. I promised him that we could save the tokens for next time.”

He started kicking at me with his legs and screaming. I had to look down, away from the screen. I was about to lose it. I popped the lid off of my soda and dumped it on his two year old head. He quieted down instantly. Then he started to whimper. I felt instantly terrible.


The video ended after two minutes and ten seconds. There had already been more than twelve thousand views.

“Kate Flynn e-mailed the link to me. And if Kate has already seen it…” My wife shook her head. She took a deep breath and left me alone with the idle screen.

Seems like he’s got some anger problems with that language. Hey little guy, I’d be mad to have a dad like yours too. You can come move in with me!

Johnnyfrnch10 (898 Likes)

I flinched at the painful graffiti being sprayed inside my head.

I was a good stay at home father. I loved my kids. I never did anything like this. I had made this one mistake. It was a bad one, but was it that bad?

“It’s going to be okay.” I felt my wife’s reassuring hand on my shoulder but couldn’t bring myself to look up. “Come up to bed,” she offered.

“Who would video record something like this?” I shook my head. “Who would want to watch it?”

“Come up to bed.”

I couldn’t tear myself away. I didn’t deserve pleasure.

Why does everybody sympathize with the pampered youths of today? Give me a fucking break. Kids today don't have to deal with shit. Lotlzard47 (1,175 likes)

I began losing a lot sleep. I couldn’t stop checking the increase in views, the new comments. Was I going viral? Would I become The Infamous Angry Dad?

After two weeks the views began to slow down. A month later and there hadn’t been a single view in days.

This message has been flagged as spam


Up yours Kilroy2050!”  I raised a glass up to the screen. 

I had no idea who this person was. And they didn’t know me at all. Because of the video thousands of people had hated me.

I never even had a chance to explain myself.      


published 8 May 2013