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A Simple Dream

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by Judith Mesch                How Slavery Ruined My Vacation  >


Emily, called E. by her parents, wished they were named Jones or Weinstein; anything, just about, but Coli.  Mr. and Mrs. Coli, a humorous couple, thought it was the funniest thing to have a baby named E. Coli.  At the time, the baby had few objections.

None, in fact, Mr. Coli pointed out to his daughter on more than one occasion. Well, how could I, she’d reply. I was just a baby.

And so it went for years until E. married a man she met on vacation in Brooklyn.  She sighed in relief as she said I do. Her new husband was a simple man with a simple name.  From now on, her name would be unremarkable.  She looked forward to her new life as Mrs. John Bola.


published 11 August 2011