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gorge is a novel in stories, each of the 54 stories a chapter from the whole novel, written by 33 different authors

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gorge   a novel in stories   Pure Slush Vol. 3

33 writers feature in 54 stories in gorge ... and below is a taste of their stories ... so eat them up!


I watched him eat his dinner, in silence; I left mine, I lose my appetite when he’s angry, and asked for a box to take it with us. The Magician - Matthew Brennan

“You mean innocence. Not ignorance. Why are you so cynical? Did you order drinks?” Tomorrows Blog - Jen Knox 

One squeeze means yes; two squeezes means no; no squeeze at all means maybe. Little Nibble Bits - Samuel Cole 

Kimberley’s face tightened and her eyes glassed over. She took a deep breath and approached Katrin, who had never seen a faker smile in her life. “Would you like some iced tea?” Accents - Claudia Bierschenk

Let’s see. Two bracelets for each arm, three rings for each hand, and a diamond tiara will be the necessary items. Special - Joyce Juzwik

“The last state execution in Maine was in 1887,” Carol Lee states, hoping to end the chat and get rid of Dana. Prestidigitation - Sally Reno

“That goddamn parrot shit in my shoe. Again. Now I have to change my socks. Photos - Robert Vaughan

My rack is its own money-making machine and it’s one hundred percent natural. The Arrival - Jennifer Donnell

She trails behind Teddy, chattering, and yet still conscious of the stares her slender body and expensive clothes command. Cake vs. Pie - Gay Degani

It is Friday morning so she will be making four pies for Café Gano, the pretentious little bistro on the waterfront. On Blueberry Hill - Sally Reno

Ray tried not to make it a habit, but drinking after work at the Café Gano was a respite from the dullness of working alone. Death in the Afternoon - Michael Webb

He had decided against licking the plate in deference to his wife’s sense of decorum, but it had been a close thing. Sauce - Stephen V. Ramey

And he seemed to be, well, staring at me. Or was he? Yeah, he was. Commercial BreakRobert Vaughan 

“You know I hate to talk to her on the phone. She always sounds so busy with those pies of hers.” CuttingGay Degani

Flirting with the customers, Versy reckoned. Pushing those high-priced highballs. Not even six and already half the town crocked. Lucky - Linda Simoni-Wastila

An Irish-Mexican trucker from La-La Land. Please. I’m sure he knew how to order a cappuccino just right so that he didn’t end up with too much foam on top. FreedomGessy Alvarez

But that doesnt explain what he was doing there at Happy Hour does it? she calculates ... The Fog - Sally Reno

She remembers skipping along the bank making motorboat sounds. She still sputtered and hummed like an engine when she was old enough to take out the rowboat alone. The Watcher - Susan Gibb

“What about the crabs?” “Still twitchin’ as I pulled into the parking lot.” For StartersGill Hoffs

How does he know my name? I gaze into his brown eyes, but they don’t look familiar. The Delivery - Jennifer Donnell

“I own it, Robert!” Mya yelled across the parking lot. She wrenched on the door handle and pulled the car door open. “I – OWN – IT! So I can do what I goddamn like.” SayonaraMatt Potter

She may live in this provincial town, but she sure wasn’t going to look or act like it. MatchMeg Tuite

And she’s drinking like the proverbial guppy … a double vermouth and a full bottle of wine that she’s downing steadily. If I’m lucky, she’ll be too sozzled for anything after the meal.” Final Campaign - Maude Larke 

But of course, no one was asking about the duck. It was all about Denise’s meal. All about the damn Lobsters. Standards - Joanna Delooze

When it is feeding time and she goes to the refrigerator, I play it double cool like a serial predator on the make. Whiskers - Timmy Reed

It was an act, a cute little-boy-peep-moue meant to disarm her, an invitation innocent as it was insincere: join me in my masquerade. She refused to be drawn in. Who's Who - Edison Blake

“I don’t have baths now,” Aileen corrects. “Only showers. I haven’t had a bath in thirty years.” Lamington DriveMatt Potter

I didn’t even slap him in the face for being cliché. The Shriek - Jennifer Donnell

He carried a manilla folder filled with notes, past meetings, plans for expansion that never seemed to materialize. Beached - Robert Vaughan

“I love your hair,” she says, “Orange is one of my favorite colors.” The Visit - Mark Rosenblum

“Welcome to Maine.” He opens his arms wide, and grins. “My name is Lance. You’ve been hired to help me secure sponsors for the Tour de Maine.Tour de Maine - Thomas Sullivan 

“Can’t even tell them apart,” he’d said, as if his own ignorance was evidence of some universal truth. She and Him - CS DeWildt

“You need to get used to being asked about them, Robert – your conquests will soon be limited to the gray gays of yesterday. Pissy old men with stinky pissed-on balls.” Staff Issues - Gill Hoffs

He eased the engine into neutral, drifted up on the next buoy, leaned over the gunwale, and snagged the float. Seafood - Todd McKie

She flushed the toilet feeling ten pounds lighter. Purge Meg Tuite

It was not like he used the shit himself. He was no cokehead. Bad Little FallsSally Reno 

I try not to watch her chest strain against her zipper as the tip lights up again. Were Made of MeatDavid James Keaton 

“Nope, and she put a pube in my clams,” Bruiser said, pressing his boot hard on the gas pedal. Rubber Nathaniel Tower

I smell him before I hear him, fresh sweat and herbs from the kitchen laced with whatever deodorant it is that makes him smell so good. In the SoupGill Hoffs

“Hey,” I said as Ellie pulled her pajamas on, her eyes never leaving the article on the bed, “I’m gonna go for a walk, check my email.” Vanishing Act - Matthew Brennan 

Craig didnt hear anything—not the tired engine’s gasping, not the screech of the garage doors ancient mechanism, not the crunch of gravel on the farm road. Dessert - Guilie Castillo Oriard

“They punished these other poor bastards because they had no way to punish the man who’d stuck them with that order.” Last Last Meal David James Keaton 

A woman with short frosted hair and wide-set eyes is standing too close to their table, hand fidgeting at the blotchy skin on her chest. She’s staring, not at them, but at Harold’s plate. Delishus Fishus - Vanessa Weibler Paris

“Bitch,” he called out and slammed the door, making the trailer shake. Alone Again, with Eleven Birds - Andrew Stancek

“What the hell do I pay that bitch for?” Mya thought as she watched Aileen’s big jaw preaching her usual bullshit, holding this poor couple hostage. Why the Hell Do They Call It Happy Hour? - Meg Tuite

“Italian cum ... tastes like bad mozzarella.” Key Meeting - Matt Potter

“We’re off to a bad start already,” Robert said as he swished in. “She wanted a glass of red Martini, and we only have white.” Battle Stations - Maude Larke

“Unless that sweet corn just got its period, Kimberley’s bled all over the fucking side order that’s due out in four minutes!” Over. Done. - Gill Hoffs

We also offer a large variety of aperitifs before dinner and a delicious array of coffees and liquors to top off your meal, and are always happy to accommodate special requests. Menu - Susan Gibb

Then I passed out cold in front of the entire kitchen staff when I made the mistake of scraping a plate of undercooked chicken into the trash. Half Staff at the Grease Box - David James Keaton

On the patio, I do a quick spew into the band of trees below. My voice sounds like a ratchet as I vomit. A Hairy Situation - Len Kuntz

It irritated him that she had to process sequentially, no skipping between appetizer and dessert, no inspired meals created from random finger-points. Maine Thing - Stephen V. Ramey

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