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73 writers make happy their thing ...



A heart attack killed this good man young and I / reasoned his favorite dish was not baba ganoush / from The Professor and the Eggplant by Thomas M. McDade

I’m Northern. I’m white. / The sum of all my sensibilities is their refusal / to let me go. / from Mexico Happy by John Grey

Last night Mom boiled the last of our backyard steer—the brain—then chopped-chopped-chopped-chopped it in a skillet. / from Scales by KR Rosman 

Right now you’re tethered in this moment, and it’s something to lie here and know peace, perhaps even happiness; to feel the sun like strong hands on your face. / from Kite by Andrew Grenfell

With her legs crossed, and flicking the toe of the gold-colored pump on the foot of the top leg, the entire lower half of Marge’s body was kept in constant motion by the foot’s movement. / from Marge by Steven Carr

“Her emerald eyes were bright as any star.” He licked his lips. / from Bliss of Contentment by Tom Fegan

jellyfish shapes / 
of uplifted sand drift that make each wave / explode with starburst patterns.
 / from Surf’s Up by Martin Christmas

I thought we would all be living on Mars / by now, communicating with so many / different civilizations / from Make a Wish by Kindra McDonald

We fall to the plush orange carpet but we bump our heads together then rub them. It’s like chimps imitating one another. / from Happiness by Kyle Hemmings

She has him take off his trousers and lie down on the couch in his tighty-whities. She edges up close, with a little hip wiggle and shoulder roll / from Geisha by Robert Scotellaro

“You mustn’t,” said the lady. “You don’t have much energy.” She put her hands on his arms to keep him from getting up. “Lie down.” / from Morning Story by Scott Hughes

I have been talking for ten minutes, going over and over the same territory with him, rocketing from tears back to silence. / from Waiting by Michael Webb

Well, that’s a bunch of bull-hooey and I told him so. But he’d already told all the kids in our class that I was really a Martian. / from I’m My Own Hero by Walter Giersbach

Keeping a positive approach / In crowds or solitude / and for those requiring to / keep the Black Dog at bay / from A Question of Partnership by Alex Robertson

But then, I think Romanticism / Is greatly misunderstood, / By the rain-sodden English especially, / Who have forgotten the bayonets / And cannonades of Revolution, / from Bath by Edward Reilly

Another hotel room. This one was going for mid-century modern but missed vintage altogether and came off looking cheap and used. / from Seventeen by Jill Kiesow

He was 93 when he died and relived the war like he was ready to do battle at any moment. / from Eulogy by Melisa Quigley

A Broadway show tune, one of those up-tempo happy numbers she always loves, blares out of the café’s speakers. He hates those songs. / from Happy Numbers by DS Levy

the pile of droppings / decorating the kayak / has diminished by half / and now Bernie is again / hanging alone / from Of Love and Loneliness by Cynthia Leslie-Bole

A precursor squall looms / For the next tropical wet mass / But for now, it’s just hoof prints / from Long beat by Piet Nieuwland

Sometimes, in summer, your busy life settles overnight, and you can taste the dust in the air that blows in through the window screen. / from Alchemy of Dust by Linda Kohler

She grinned and lifted a plastic wallet from her handbag. “See this?” she said. “This is Molly. She was sixteen there. At her deb.” / from Taking Some Sun by Hannah van Didden

I so hated the way people in this region repeated whole sentences back to me. / from Gym Out by Mbeke Waseme

A swishing sound passed her head and something smacked into her stomach. She stirred, unsure where she was and what was happening. / from Summer Daze by Meryl Baer

You said, “Lots of kids have divorced parents, but most of them seem happy enough.” / from Happy Enough by Len Kuntz

May the shelved chapbooks beckon / in whispered voices to sit and read. / from Good Wishes by Kersten Christianson

Remind me to book a room at the Hyatt tomorrow. I want to see if he can put a happy smile on my face. / from First Date by Peter Lingard 

He could understand everything and wanted to kiss Bernie for her kind words. / from Dr. Goldberg’s Full Moon by Joanne Jagoda

When you see me the next time, let’s do the dance. Let’s see what changes right after that. / from Ethan’s Happy Dance by Tim Philippart 

If the Mardi Gras website / had not contained an error, / we would have never gone to Madisonville / from Happy Accidents by John Lambremont Sr.


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