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Notausgang: emergency exit    Pure Slush Vol. 2  


23 writers feature in Notausgang ... and below is a taste of their stories ... so grab them and run for your life!


All through the meeting, from behind the thick trunk of the frangipani tree, Ivor watched her through the open louvre windows.    One hundred and one uses  -  Maree Kimberley

He tosses these little tombstones on the felt with an experienced nonchalance.    And when I looked up, it had disappeared  -  Andrew Bowles

She would mix a half-whistle with fragmented lyrics. He could listen to her for hours—usually.    That urgent kind of red  -  Nathan Good

“Any of you damn fools have the slightest idea what it takes to look this good?”    Starved  -  Samuel Cole

“I see you in a long white dress, a big diamond on your finger.”    Moving Insurance  -  Nancy Chapple

“You’re a tyrant,” she said, “you question my every move. I hate that. I hate it.”    She Fired First  -  Tiffany White

My funeral won’t be no big affair.  Just my son, his girlfriend, maybe a few neighbors.    The Escapee  -  Don Jennings

Only gradually do you become aware of a pattern as he moves off the lower register and challenges the bar’s steadfast din.    The Clonmel Set  - Mike Gallagher

He wheels a long yellow Caddy into the lot. It’s low, rusty, and full of Lynyrd Skynyrd.    Idaho  -  Rick Bailey

I felt the glorious burn as skin flaked free from my cheeks and chin and neck. I told myself to stop it.    Love Among Apes  -  CS DeWildt

The crowds are directed onto a line of waiting buses and Sylvie follows.   Abe and Sylvie  -  Joanne Jagoda

She sipped guava juice from a teacup and made a clicking sound instead of barking.    Felix Mistral Grocery  -  Sally Reno

But not today. Lots of extraneous notes make at least half the chords sour and off-color.    Senior Recital  -  Nancy Chapple

It's written in the fire safety rules. It's because we might impede others escaping ...    Last Man Not Standing  -  Layla Blackwell

“Are you the guy Omphale told me about, the one with the limp, the one who works at Maggie’s Father’s Farm?”    Two Doors  -  Corey Mesler

Sweat drips from under his bri-nylon toupée and courses across his cheeks. I’m surprised the gun hasn’t melted down his nose.    I'd go with the shotgun  -  Matt Potter

“It sounds ridiculous,” my therapist says, “but you can learn from this.  Experience—however horrible—is life’s best teacher.”    Next Door  -  Len Kuntz

I know it’s not her in the pictures I’ve seen, no matter what the note in the cemetery says.    Tansy Rogers is her name!  -  Gill Hoffs

“Not a chance,” she said. “Stay back.  Over and done with.”    Broken Wing  -  Andrew Stancek

I eat nothing on the day of the bloodletting, and walk into Science already feeling faint.    A Bloody Path to the Exit  -  Thomas Sullivan

We feed each other in small ways but I want to fly to him and feast and he is not ready for that.    From the Box  -  Misti Rainwater-Lites

I’m expected to have sex with any and all of them whenever they want it.    True Friend  -  Joyce Juzwik

Music, museums, and theater: the newsstand was his life support system.  “Not dead, yet!” he could think.    Interruption  -  Phillis Ideal


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