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Ned the boss told me yesterday that ol’ Webster Murphy Allen is coming back to town in a pine box and we got the pleasure of stuffin' him in the ground.  The Man Webster Murphy Allen Owes Everything ToJaylee Alde

Web recognized that tone, the hectoring, whiny, “you’re so dumb” tone. Even his kids used it ...  Striking Out Duke SniderMichael Webb

I never cared much for calls that come after I’ve gone to bed. Couldn’t be nothing but bad news.  Terms of the Agreement - Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz

I shook my head and though I try to avoid melodramatic gestures during working hours, put my head in my hands and stared at the grain on my desk. “It doesn’t make any sense, Web.”  One More Chance - Matt Potter

On the train to the City, she realized that since it is over, it must be her turn to talk.  La Brisa - Sally Reno

One afternoon in the fall of ‘51, as I was enjoying a cheeseburger and coffee at Charlie‘s Kitchen, a strange man approached and sat down across from me at my table.  Dirty Little Secret - Joyce Juzwik

“My country,” she said, “is full of people who believe in nothing, but they don’t feel good about it,” ...  Our Countries are Nothing but Melting Villages - Kyle Hemmings 

Though both had emigrated to America as children Maddy hadn’t come from London’s wealthy Grosvenor Square with her family, she’d come alone from Ireland, poor as stale toast ...  A Visitation - Teresa Burns Gunther

Can you imagine reading to a little girl like me The Iliad in Latin? We did that for fun all one summer.  My Sister, Esther - Martha Rand

But our years together started one night in the Fall of 1954 when I was walking along 9th Avenue in New York, and I stopped as usual to look into Albrights huge front window.  The Benny-Allen Years - Matt McGee

You don’t think that with all the people who were going to handle Mr Allen on the way, she’d have let him go with that kind of money through his cock, do you?”  Rigorous Mortis - Gill Hoffs

When have a man’s image towards the outside world and the reality ever been so disparate?  Im That Son - Dusty-Anne Rhodes 

I regret giving Esther season tickets. I didn’t think she’d drag me along every goddamn time.  Met - Erin Zulkoski 

Papers blew around, and fire trucks, and police cars, and noise, and chaos, and then he saw it, the gaping hole in the building pouring smoke.  PapersMichael Webb

O.K. so here you can say it cannot be, and let’s call the loony bin. Fine. I don’t care. I only report what happened.  The Products of Love - Andrew Stancek

The doctor withdrew a small leather bound notebook from his jacket. He tore off the top page and leaned forward, pushing it across the desk. “This woman. And her child, who will be born in the fall ...”  Who You Want to Be - Michael Webb 

Webster walked right past him without a look or a hello. Was this his way of grieving? Sam wondered.  Accounts - Maude Larke

A trick of acoustics allowed someone sitting in the bathroom without the water running to be able to hear conversations from the living room at the bottom of the stairs.  RootsMichael Webb

Even if all the postcards had reached him at the same time - an information dump. So like him - all or nothing.  That Trouble with Robert - Mira Desai 

A tree branch rattles one of the upstairs windowpanes. Who will trim it back now?  The Unfolding - Jennifer K. Dick

He is terribly naive and idealistic even though perhaps his intentions are well meant.  Memories of Murph - Joanne Jagoda

Or if I was born into his new family instead of his old one.  Grieving Granddad - Meghan K. Barnes

It was a few hours before the mourners would arrive, and the casket wasn’t in place.  Unlike Loss - Jen Knox 


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