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 real: Pure Slush Vol. 9


31 writers feature in real ... and below is a taste of their stories ... so experience them now!


“Mrs Delooze? I am sorry to laugh, but I’ve been an MS doctor for ten years now and I’ve never heard of this …”  Itch  -  Joanna Delooze

That stiff-as-hardboard back and penetrating eyes moved to another plane at ninety-one.  Beholden  -  Mira Desai

You find yourself drawn right to its center.  The Rose  -  Diana J. Wynne

Others, who claimed to know him better, pointed out the gaucho hat and dark plaid buttoned-to-the-throat raincoat and how he’d twist a strand of shoulder-length hair ...  Visions of The Saint  -  Cheri Ause

She looked straight into my eyes and said, “Everything, like it was yesterday.”  Indelible Impression  -  Mark Rosenblum

My ancestors hover in the household like so many ghosts enjoying a summer vacation.  Immortality, Version 2.0  -  Walter Giersbach

I for one prefer my chips without a sprinkling of blood and residual smack.  Desperately Seeking Sustenance  -  Gill Hoffs

The guard ... responded with a rapid string of French words that I couldn’t pull apart.  Magic French Words  -  Jonathan Slusher

But my friend is oblivious because he is putting his makeup on and that takes time ...  Malcolmina XOX  -  Rebecca Chekouras

If the conversation is warm and personal, the Cuban will kiss your right cheek upon departing ...  Greetings from Havana  -  Gloria Frym

The subtly put advice he tried to give me went unanswered.  spreading from the false fly  -  James Claffey

Tubes like chains fasten me to the mattress stiff against my back.  There's That Noise Again  -  S.B. Phoenix

”Everything's uploaded and in place. I really don't know why they keep us locked in that preparatory phase.”  A Matter of Faith  -  D.M. Simone

You give a measly half a rupee and they bow to you. If you give a lot, they will sniff your hand.  Beggars  -  John Wentworth Chapin

... if you are not friends with your partner and don’t have fun together, you’re in big trouble.  Little Fish  -  Joanne Jagoda

I like knowing there are cheap hot dogs downstairs for when the bar closes.  Crack  -  S.H. Gall

Cook him food that you used to eat with him and get upset when your ex-boyfriend turns up his nose ...  How to Forget  -  Meghan K. Barnes

But it was the noise next to me, desperate and primal and straight from the gut, that hit me most.  Stoned  -  Matt Potter

“Don’t walk like that, people will think you’re... you’re... gay.”  A Curious Fellow  -  Shane Simmons

I’m crammed into my seat next to a dour and mountainous woman who’s reading a Bible.  Fly the Friendly Skies  -  Michael Gillan Maxwell

A thin coating of human lies here and there in that abrupt wrinkle that lay beneath us ...   Near Marvelous  -  Maude Larke

I slouched on the edge of the bed, thinking I was busted for skipping out of school.  Things Left Behind  -  Claire Ibarra

I’d seen a million mothers pass my driveway with their prams and proud smiles.  Steps for my Uncle  -  Layla Blackwell

The first—and last—time I ever asked my father about God, I was eight years old and he’d had two drinks too many.  Fairytale  -  Laura Bogart

... staples in the scalp, mosquito bitten limbs, sunscreen tight on unwashed skin.  Where Her Mind Is  -  Sharon Louise Stephenson

I glance through the rest of the aggressive literature, which is filled with words spelled in capital letters and accentuated with long strings of exclamation points.  Joyce to the World  -  Thomas Sullivan

In Ecuador the help wanted ads required secretaries to be young, white, and pretty.  Notebooks  -  Gessy Alvarez

When he said he had never forgiven me, I heard it backwards—that he was asking me for forgiveness ...  Enough  -  Cinda Gibbon

I will be transformed into a better person if I ingest the right things.  Which Way to the Vomitorium?  -  Jane Hammons

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