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slut: Pure Slush Vol. 1 second edition

27 writers feature in slut ... and below is a taste of their stories ... so lick them up!


No one would be in any doubt when they saw the photos and video clips.    Perfect Choice  -  Joanna Delooze

I notice you first, which is all the more awkward.    Why Not Guacamole  -  Jennifer Donnell 

... the toy bin was always new, the sheets were cleaned and pressed, the keyboard was sanitized ...    Duck Boy  -  Joseph Szewczyk

“I love my grandmother,” he says, wincing a little, “but I wish she didn’t drink and smoke so much.”    Ulysses, sailing  -  Sally Reno

You were about to say, Like the instructions on your Viagra bottle? but remembered he promised you that necklace in the Duty Free shop.    Hot Ocean Breeze  -  Mark Rosenblum

Her sigh of disapproval is muted; she avoids confrontation.    Extraction from Lackey Place  -  Karen Eileen Sikola

... flicking me with droplets before drying them vigorously in the skirts around my rump.    Slut's Pennies  -  Gill Hoffs

Estella popped her dentures back in and nodded.    Easy Mourning  - Nathaniel Tower

He spends his lunch hour pacing the halls and stairwells of his building, watching his door for telltale metallic sighs.    Housekeeping  -  Pedro Ponce

I can’t go home yet. Peter is putting the kids to bed.    Two Marshmallows Stacked  -  Vanessa Weibler Paris

But I loved being kissed and touched. I longed to lose my virginity.       S-L-U-T  -  Nancy Chapple

There was Lado, who came by on nights when Penicello wanted a bristly fugitive with an accent ...    Penicello  -  Meg Tuite

“No one,” she warned, “wants to be the mother or the husband of damaged goods.”    Nice Girls  -  Doris Dembosky

He looks at me with deep brown eyes and what must be the longest eyelashes I have seen all day ...    Espresso  -  Matt Potter

We went to the nearest café. Two seconds after I ordered, I couldn’t say what it was.    Hostage  -  Maude Larke

He ducked from the camera, "No evidence," he said, with a grin.    The Shallow End  -  Elaine Donovan

She sat back down, that red dress sliding halfway up from the netherworld to eternity.    Lessons from The Gridiron: Voyeurism and Gingivitis -  Cheryl Anne Gardner

“Fair enough,” I replied with a laugh. She had certainly worked me up.    Give it a go  -  Andrew Bowles

My dad had been gone so long I couldn’t remember his face.    My Own Gun  -  John Riley

“It makes him cuter,” Angie said. “Well, he is a looker,” Mark said, winking.    Sex in the Time of Now  -  Len Kuntz

“I gonna get some retard to kick his ass.  See what kind of an action I can stir up at that cesspool.”    Crossed  -  Phillis Ideal 

She had been lying there alone for a long time.    Three Minutes  -  David James Keaton

Tommy don't like it when we ditch one.    Clocks  -  Tiffany White

The reality chef shoves the plate into her hands. It’s hot enough to burn, not hot enough to drop.    Red Light  -  Stephen V. Ramey

... leaning into her space, badgering Delia into going out to dinner with her unmarried cousin.    Dealbreaker  -  Michael Webb


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