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A Very Brief Guide to Slightly Magic Mirrors

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by Andrew Franklin


We tried them together; three were circular, and the thinnest of them, which is a disk of 15.3 centimeters in diameter, was found to be slightly magic.

~The Scientific Canadian, February 1881


The key to the slightly magic mirror is controlling your expectations. While the slightly magic mirror can always answer your questions, sometimes it’s having a bad day.

But on good days (which are fairly common), the slightly magic mirror will answer. To the best of its ability. Which is really no greater than yours, or anybody else's.

But don’t just take the first answer. Drill down a little, see what the slightly magic mirror really thinks. But don’t worry yourself too much. That’s the sort of thing that leads to carrying a slightly magic mirror around. With accompanying and permanently attached armoire. Walnut, while visually impressive, is a dark wood and really doesn’t strike the right tone for a coffee date.   

Do not, under any circumstances whatever, take medical advice from the slightly magic mirror.


published 1 June 2016