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Blink and He's Gone

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by Carolyn Cordon        Seeing the Light  > 

Julia, my best friend, invited me to go to Bible classes with her after school. Classes were once a week and otherwise I’d be home waiting for my mum to get home from work. 

I sang the songs, coloured in the pictures and listened to the stories. It was a brand new thing for me, sitting in a group, learning together. I thought I had found God.

And it was good.

Then I heard other stories that made me blink: the missionary with hands that went where no hands were welcome. And the husband of the bible class woman: Julia told me to always make sure I wasn’t the last person to be dropped off at home by him after classes.

Those stories felt truer than the Bible stories. The first story made me blink once but the second story had an age old scary feel and made me blink over and over and harder.

I blinked until the visions of God faded and then they disappeared. I stopped going to Bible classes then and Julia never asked me to go again.

published 2 November 2011