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counterpoint is a monthly series here on Pure Slush. The intention is after September 2011, the series will have monthly instalments, published on the final Friday of each month.

The idea: one writer writes a story (using the current theme), and a second writer writes a story in reply, from the viewpoint of another character from the first story.

There are no submission calls for counterpoint, but writers are approached by Pure Slush to (1) write the first point of view story and (2) suggest a (living) writer they might like to write the counterpoint story.

Listed below are stories (and participating writers) in this series, so far:

• Aftershock by John Wentworth Chapin and The Thing about George by Michelle Elvy (December 2012) 

• The Comfort of Friends by Linda Simoni-Wastila and Relics by Cheri Ause (November 2012)

• Heritage by D.M. Simone and Legacy by Dusty-Anne Rhodes (September 2012)

Pathways by Stephen V. Ramey ... (May 2012)

• Winter in Acapulco by Cheryl Anne Gardner and Priority One by Joe Kapitan (February 2012)

The Punishment by Berit Ellingsen and The Plan by Jules Archer (January 2012)

No by Joyce Juzwik and Thread of Time by Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw (December 2011)

Before Swine by Joanna Delooze and After Swine by Ron Campbell (November 2011)

• Belly Laugh by Andrew Stancek, and Black Heart by Len Kuntz (October 2011)

• Me, My Mother and I by Susan Gibb, and Miss by Gill Hoffs (September 2011)

A Garden of Knives and Sugar by Christopher Allen, and Bantu by Katrina Gray (September 2011)


But wait, there will be more ... soon ... maybe