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Dont Kill Me Im in Love

Pure Slush’s meandering project for 2015-16 is Don’t Kill Me I’m in Love.

And there’s a hook (and isn’t there always?) ... it’s a serial. Each story picks up from where the previous story left off, using one or more of the characters, but taking us somewhere else.

Pure Slush has previously published versions of this idea with its counterpoint series. 

Stories are 1500 words or less. 30 writers have signed up for the project, and you can find who they are and the order of their stories and their publication dates by clicking here.

Don’t Kill Me I’m in Love is a bit of a mystery as the serial twists and turns ... and the intention is that once all stories are published online, a paperback version will be published too.

Not all the stories have been written, and writers do have a habit of dropping out ... so if you would like to be involved, we do have a reserve / waiting list.

Find out more by emailing edpureslush@live.com.au

And for a taste of all published and soon-to-be published stories for Dont Kill Me Im in Love, click here 

For information about the original dont kill me Im in love, click here

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the original dont kill me Im in love

Find out more about it, and the sticker that inspired the story serial, by clicking here 

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