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Dress Size

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by Beate Sigriddaughter    Spring Fashion  >


Long after stomping its hoofs in disdain at market conditions, the unicorn ventured out shopping again. It was tempted to try on a garment.

“What size?” a young man asked conspiratorially.

“I’ll try a six,” the unicorn said.

“No, no, not a size six!” The sales clerk waved off the suggestion with a flourish of his hand. “Never a six. A four, maybe. Or even a two. But never a six.”

It was a slender unicorn. Still, it hadn’t changed much over the years, and there had been a time when a size six had been too small. But all the same, numeric homage to its slenderness filled the small unicorn with fuzzy satisfaction.

Imagine, the unicorn thought, adjusting sizes just to add to your customers’ enjoyment of life! The unicorn quite relished the concept. 


published 20 March 2013 

originally published in print in The Unicorn And ... (2008)