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Early Morning Reverie

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by Wayne Scheer    Warts  >

The early morning light offered Bill Tyler a view of his wife's oversized ass.  He covered her with the blanket and kissed her.  She mumbled, "Love you," and returned to her dreams.  

Bill thought of their young neighbor.  She had been sunbathing nude during the day while he picked blackberries off the vines that clung to the wooden fence separating their yards.  He had glanced through the slats and enjoyed a leisurely view of her smooth backside.

Bill had estimated a more than thirty-year difference between them.  He recalled once joking with his wife how he had reached the age where if he saw a young woman wink at him, he assumed she had something in her eye.  He thought it funny at the time.  Now it saddened him.

Remembering his youthful dreams of hiking the Grand Canyon and backpacking across Europe, he turned towards his wife, feeling her warmth under the covers.  Perhaps if she had supported him? 

No.  He knew, if anything, he was the less adventurous one.  Had she called his bluff, he would have found an excuse.  She once talked of teaching English in Costa Rica.  He worried how it might affect their retirement pension.  She wanted to take a second mortgage to buy a cabin on the lake.  He argued they'd do better to pay off the first one.

Good choices.  Practical, realistic and dull.

Did he want to risk his marriage to have an affair with his neighbor?  Not at all.  He and Amy had a wonderful life, comfortable and secure.  Besides, he couldn't convince himself that Ms. Smooth-Tush was the least bit interested in his own sagging behind.

His thoughts now ran more to a full bladder than to fantasies of traveling, teaching abroad or his neighbor's rear end.  He slipped out of bed, trying not to wake Amy, and flatfooted it to the bathroom.  Returning to the warmth of their bed and the comfort of the woman he loved, he wrapped his arm around her and kissed the back of her neck.

"I love you," he said.

"Love you, too."  

After a few moments, he whispered, "Do you still think of buying a cabin on the lake?" 

Amy turned towards him.  Her eyes remained closed.  "We had that discussion almost ten years ago."

"I don't want you thinking I held you back."

She opened her eyes now.  "Held me back?  From what?  Because we didn't buy the cabin, we had the money for Gina's college tuition.  We did the right thing." 

"Maybe now's the time for us to do something impulsive."

Bill felt Amy's lips on his cheek. Now it was Amy's turn to whisper. "Give me a minute to go to the bathroom and maybe we can still be impulsive."

He squinted in the darkness to watch his wife, nude, pad to the toilet.  Thoughts of his neighbor vanished in a sea of love and desire.


published 14 December 2011