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by Sathyanarain Muralidharan


Karan couldn’t stand it. He had sat in the sales meeting for the past two hours and had to desperately answer nature’s call. He hurried into the men’s room.

And there he was.

The CEO of the company. Standing at one of the only two urinals. On any other day, Karan would have stood next to the sink pretending to wash his hands till the boss left. But today was different. His bladder was ready to burst.

He stood close to the wall, as far as he could away from the grumpy, white-haired boss everybody hated.

“Hi”, said the boss without turning.

“Hello Sir,” Karan replied not looking up. Was he going to ask for numbers? Target? Forecast? Warm urine flowed from the depths of his renal system and Karan heaved a sigh of relief.

Karan quickly shook off the remnant drops. And now he was faced with a huge question. What was the protocol? Would it be impolite if he left first? Should he wait till the boss finished his business? Should he indulge in small talk; talk about the previous night’s game, perhaps?

Karan stood and stared at infinity straight ahead.

Two minutes, three minutes, four minutes passed and there was no sign of the boss taking the next course of action. Beads of perspiration formed on Karan’s forehead.

And then it happened … a slight hiss growing into a healthy stream.

“You need not wait for me, Karan,” said the boss, looking straight ahead too. “I’m old. These things take time.”

Red-faced, Karan muttered a meek “Okay” and zipped up. As he opened the restroom door, the boss said under his breath, “I shouldn’t have forgotten to take my medicine this morning.”


published 24 July 2013