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Café Gano staff profiles


Original staff profiles have been created by Gill Hoffs, while subsequent characters have been created by others.

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Robert Barber, 48, head waiter at Café Gano.  He's Mya (the proprietor)'s younger brother; gay, fun, and good friends with the devilish Dana.  He shares a cottage with an old woman a few blocks away, despite loathing her parakeet.


Dana Neary, 29 (really 35, but it's hard to tell when she's giving head, or under the soft flattering lights of the restaurant), bar staff / waitress when needed.  Her greatest fear is finding a grey pube - on her or somebody she's with.  She can mix any cocktail you've heard of, and name a wine and its vintage from a sniff of its cork


Vinnie 'Bruce' Lui, 28, Chef.  He's really quick with a knife, but squeamish - faints at the sight of human blood.  His culinary skills are integral to the success of Café Gano, and ... Mya gives him whatever he needs.  Sometimes, this isn't such a good thing


Kimberley Scott, 21, a shy kitchen hand who doubles as waitress when necessary.  She hates dealing with people but enjoys the heat and aromas of a busy kitchen, and being around Bruce.  She chops onions when she needs to cry.  


Mya Vardakis, proprietor and maitre d'.  Her late husband paid for her boobs and her ex-lover left her the restaurant.  She hates cooking, but loves eating, and swims 50 lengths a day during the week.  She hopes someday Stephen King will visit Café Gano and mention it on TV.


Claudio the painter, who comes to Café Gano to paint the exterior, here wearing an inappropriate shirt!


Aileen Wintergarden, Mya's unconventional Australian therapist who likes a drink and a salty anecdote. 


Katrin, the German tourist girl, - who asks for work and does some work in the café that night.


The Dark Poet, who recites his poetry on the patio / terrace of Café Gano, and then stays to wash dishes.


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