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Glass Animals readings

Stephen V. Ramey has been reading from his collection Glass Animals, published in January 2013. Below are just some of the many photos from the various events held for the book.

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(below) Reading at University of Pittsburgh Greensburg, on February 27, 2013.

Stephen said of the reading above, The reading went tremendously well tonight, the opposite of last week. I had a lectern, which gave me someplace to settle and the host gave me bottled water which helped keep my voice going. 22 folks in the audience, rapt attention, wonderful interaction afterward (that's what I live for, talking about writing and how it can add value to life).


(below) Reading at The Greyland Gallery, Youngstown, Ohio, on February 21, 2013.


(below) Reading at New Castle Public Library, New Castle, Pennsylvania, on February 16, 2013.

Stephen wrote of the photo above: (this) photo of me in the parking lot is NOT the library, but down the road. We stopped for lunch at Hazel's and parked across the street. Sue (Stephen's wife) noticed that the alley behind the lot was One Way, both ways, so we had to get a shot. This is New Castle. One way, both ways.

Stephen also wrote of the reading at the New Castle Public Library: Really nice conversations with individuals after the reading. One fellow told me that he had started reading with "New Castle" expectations--it's local, how good can it be?--but after the first story he was saying, "Holy Cow, this is 'everywhere' good." I got a kick out of that.