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Goblin Thanks

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by LaVa Payne      


It was no surprise that leftovers were often thrown out. In fact, it was a matter of respect Betty had told her neighbor one morning.

"If you don't throw out what you aren't going to use," Betty said, touching her prize winning white roses, "then how do you expect the goblins to give thanks to your garden?"

"Betty, I have been your neighbor for thirty years now, but this is by far the most insane thing you have said to me yet! I don't believe in Goblins."

No sooner had Avel spoken, when a green man appeared, seated below the roses sticking his warty green tongue out at her.

"Waste not--want not is what God teaches, and love thy neighbor as thy self," Betty said smiling down at the small creature and breathing in the rose perfume. 


published 23 November 2011