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It scared me when I was a kid I’d lose all my teeth. Not my baby teeth. My permanent ones. I used to have nightmares about it. I’d wake up sweaty and go running into the bathroom and look in the mirror to make sure they were still there. Funny how things turn out. I got my two front teeth knocked out the other day. I hadn’t thought about that childhood fear for a real long time. It makes me laugh now.

I doubt I’ll get my teeth fixed anytime soon. It’s a ruthless look I kind of like. As for my teeth being knocked out, I can’t say I deserved it. I didn’t do shit. What it basically boils down to is that people are pretty awful these days. Everyone’s high strung or just plain crazy. There I was playing a game of chess in the park. Little did I know I was playing with a schizo. He was fidgety for sure, but so what? Tons of people are. If anything I thought maybe he was some sort of idiot savant or master chess player. Who knew he’d get upset with the move I made that took his queen? If he’d have played a little longer he would have seen that I suck at chess. He would have won. It was a lucky move was all. The next thing I knew I had the chessboard shoved in my face. 


published 12 June 2013