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Jerry came to town with a guitar

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by Sasha Peter Carter


Jerry came to town with a guitar … and nothing else. He had to hold the guitar very carefully to avoid exposing his private parts and he’d often loose a beat when the cops passed by. After several days performing, he’d earned enough money to buy a pair of tighty-whities. The tighty-whities helped him eke out a better living, and added a touch of authenticity to his covers of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ greatest hits.

Scanning the park to ensure no one was nearby, Jerry washed his underwear in the public restroom, and contemplated the sustainability of his business model. “If only I had an agent,” he told himself, “or a manager, . . . but where am I going to find them? I can barely afford to replace my guitar strings and what will happen when this underwear wears out?”

For a while, Jerry tried to content himself with the sounds of his music and the tips and praise of his fans. But the time had come for Jerry to seek fame and fortune elsewhere. But how could he leave without bestowing upon the town some legacy of his time and travails?

So Jerry hopped a freight train, leaving behind the only item he could part with: the pair of worn tighty-whities I saw by the railroad yard this morning. 


published 26 February 2014