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<  Discordant Notes

by Tom Fegan         American Writer  >


Police Officer David Fontenot had witnessed his share of evil men escape lawful punishment and as he sipped his coffee at Burger & Shake one drizzly afternoon he spied one; James Hamilton.

Hamilton had emptied his .38 into Davis Hight at close range during a Saturday night poker game. Fontenot had answered the call and noted the knife placed next to Hight as three witnesses stated he had threatened Hamilton with it. “Doubtful,“ Fontenot grumbled to the group as he wrote his report and waited for the detectives.

Fontenot asked Doris for a refill as he watched Davis Hight’s killer wipe hamburger juice off his chin. Hight stopped short when his eyes met Fontenot’s glare. The blood drained from his face as fear crept into his eyes. Hamilton swallowed hard. He shoved the burger down his throat and crept to the cash register to pay.

“Leaving a tip?” Fontenot asked.

Hamilton froze.

Fontenot opened his hand. “A quarter will do. Leave it with me. I’ll see she gets it.”

Hamilton dropped the coin into Fontenot’s hand.

“Now you can go,” said Fontenot, and grinned. “Don’t ever forget to pay your bill in here.  Or we’ll have to arrest you.”

Hamilton hung his head as he pushed his way out of the door.

Fontenot turned his attention towards Doris. He winked at her and handed her the coin. “If you ever need a friend, call.” 


published 5 April 2013