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The Last Day at the Office

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by Tom Fegan 


I sat in silence as I viewed

the solitary name plate bearing my name.

My business cards were now worthless as I

reflected on the day my career began.

I had graduated with a degree in business and thought

the world was mine. I was wrong.

Recession and layoffs became

the cause and effect of my life.

Experience and service were not

considered in cost-cutting decisions.

School taught me how things should be

when in fact they rarely are.

Nowhere were snitches and nosy secretaries

and stealing the credit from whom it was due

ever mentioned

or the corporate officer’s lover whose job was secured

as long as the boss was pleased.

“There are many practices

and few principles in business,”

 a wise former colleague once said.

I didn’t take it literally and

I wish I had.

I took my severance check with my soul intact

and left the cubicle jungle where I hoped to stay

and hopefully gain promotions through

Honest labor.

It didn’t happen that way.

It’s the unemployment office for me

and a new resumé.

The battlefield of office politics:

I know the rules this time.

I’m keeping one eye over my shoulder

as I begin another position at the next



published 27 February 2013