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Moving to Los Angeles

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by Robert Vaughan  Clownface >


Lucy pastes pink post-it notes on her dashboard. She is driving to Los Angeles to complete her Indie screenplay about lovers who eat each other, part by part until there is no ‘other’ left.

Some post-it notes have JOE at the top. Some say LIS for Lisbon which Lucy knows is a place but thinks, well, there are people named Dallas or Madison.

JOE is changing, becoming more and more of an asshole. By the time Lucy reaches the New Mexico state line, JOE is a perfect fuckhead. He’s seeing three other women (all named for European cities, like Sofia) and lies to them all. He’s also a sodomizer, and fronts a band that gets five or ten people to a gig. So, he’s getting fucked, too. JOE figures we all are.

By the time Lucy hits the Mohave desert, LIS decides to stop stripping (or being a dominatrix?) LIS wants to become a bilingual teacher in East LA. Lucy scribbles ‘town?’

JOE and LIS love baseball and attend a Dodgers game. They get to the stadium early and tailgate, partying, listening to Los Lobos.

1st inning, they finish their first six-pack.

During the 4th inning, JOE uses the restroom, never returns.

6th inning, LIS catches a Cubs pop fly in her gaping mouth. She is unable to breathe and she suffocates. They serve her as a buffet entrée for a Chinese New Year fundraiser in downtown Los Angeles. JOE’s band is in the entertainment line-up.


published 13 April 2011 - first published online at 52 / 250 A Year of Flash