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Not Three, But Four For Me!

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by Carolyn Cordon 


Carolyn Cordon was first published online by Pure Slush in late 2011. She (and four other poets) also contributed poems to Versus. Pure Slush Vol. 4 (published February 2013).


The number four, what’s it for?

One more than the Trinity

one unwanted person

hanging on grimly like death

and no-one wants death’s touch.


Two’s company,  three’s a crowd

but four’s a melee, a fight –

four is the number of the seasons though

four seasons leading us

through to year’s end


Four seasons with nature

and mankind working together

to feed us, nurture us,

take us places we want

and need to go …


Four is a reminder that cosy answers

presented by overpowering three

aren’t cosy for all,

and that extra one

can bring unexpected solutions  


published 3 January 2015