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obit.    Pure Slush Vol. 4

Some obit. contributors have work published on the site, while others have not.

Here is the complete list of contributors and their stories:

Jaylee Alde  -  The man Webster Murphy Allen owes everything to

Meghan K. Barnes  -  Grieving Granddad

Mira Desai  -  That Trouble with Robert

Jennifer K. Dick  -  The Unfolding

Teresa Burns Gunther  -  A Visitation

Kyle Hemmings  -  Our Countries are Nothing but Melting Villages

William Henderson  -  Obituary, Charitable Intentions, Laughter Then Nothing, Then I was not old because I was dead, Family Outing, Expired Passport, Reconstructed Ventricle and Regret 

Gill Hoffs  -  Rigorous Mortis

Joanne Jagoda  -  Memories of Murph

Joyce Juzwik  -  Dirty Little Secret

Jen Knox  -  Unlike Loss

Maude Larke  -  Accounts

Matt McGee  -  The Benny - Allen Years

Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz  -  The Terms of Agreement

Matt Potter  -  One More Chance

Martha Rand  -  My Sister, Esther

Sally Reno  -  La Brisa

Dusty-Anne Rhodes  -  I'm That Son

Andrew Stancek  -  The Products of Love

Michael Webb  -  Striking Out Duke Snider, Who You Want to Be, Roots and Papers

Erin Zulkoski  -  Met

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Jaylee Alde

Jaylee Alde has stories published in Thrice; McSweeney's Internet Tendency; Five Quarterly; Short, Fast and Deadly, and a few others. He currently resides in Los Angeles, but he is, without a doubt, from the motherfucking Bay Area and misses Oakland dearly.

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Jennifer K. Dick

Jennifer K. Dick is the author of Fluorescence (UofGA, 2004) and Circuits (Corrupt, 2013) as well as the eBook Enclosures (BlazeVox, 2007) and three chapbooks: Tracery (Dusie Kollectiv 5, 2011), Betwixt (Corrupt, 2012) and Retina/Rétine (Estepa, 2005). She has work in six anthologies, most recently 12 x 12: Conversations in 21st Century Poetry & Poetics (U. of IA, 2009). Recent short prose entitled "Breach" appeared in the [de]Classified section of FRINGE MAGAZINE (Issue 31, Summer '12) and selections of prose poems are forthcoming in Color Treasury 3, and The Denver Quarterly. Jennifer lives in France. She keeps a blog here.

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