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Promoting your story when it's on Pure Slush


This page is not about telling you what to do, but it just gives you some tips on maximising your opportunities.

You may well have done, be doing, or will have done some or all of these things anyway.

But there's no harm in telling!

- tell your email networks about your story, and include a direct link to your story's webpage. This includes family, friends, writers, and groups;

- put a note on your Facebook or MySpace page or any other similar social networking page, if you have them ... and include a direct link to your story's webpage;

- tweet on Twitter if you have a Twitter account too; 

- put a note on the pages of any groups you may belong to. Pure Slush is a member of 2 writers' groups on Facebook and always lists stories published with these groups;

- advertise in on-line writers' forums, and include a direct link to your story's webpage;

- advertise it on your blog, if you have one: don't just include the link, but actually mention it on your blog too;

- send an sms to your contacts and include the link; 

- wherever you list or mention your story, include a brief description of what your story is about, or even better, include a telling excerpt from your story that won't give the plot away.

If you have any further suggestions, etc, please email them to edpureslush@live.com.au