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Rex is Dead

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by Brooke Guffey     A Million Batmans  >


Rex was dead. Nothing anyone could do would revive him. Stan stood there, blood dripping, any echo of innocence long gone from his voice. What are we going to do?

We?” Jan's voice cracked. “I didnt make you kill him!

“I told you it was an accident! He attacked me!”

Jan’s brow furrowed in a mixture of frustration and anger. Youre my husband and I love you, but I won’t hesitate to spill my guts to save my ass.

What if we just get rid of the body and act like nothing happened?” Stan said.

Jan shook her head. “Anne will be looking for him.”

“What about a diversion, can you keep her away from the house until I can clean this up?”

“Yeah, but it won’t be easy. He’s her … was her best friend.”

Listen, the line between enemy and friend is a very fine one.”

Jan rolled her eyes. “You should have known better. Those meaty hands of yours reek of garlic. If your brain was half as big as your ego, you’d know that smell freaked him out. That’s why he attacked you.”

Stan threw his arms up in surrender. “I’m burying him in the garden. Anne wont even look in his little hamster cage until after school.”

Alright, but then you better hit the pet store and find a replacement Rex right away.


published 26 April 2013