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Oh Shit Flirty Asian Chick

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by Denny P. Yanker   Cream  >


There, sitting across from me on the train. Is she looking at me? I think she’s looking at me. Oh god, she’s looking at me.

Flirty Asian chick is a seat hog. Her feet all up on the seat next to her. Head tilting just enough to bend her hair at the shoulder, all sexy-like.

Neck. Lips. Eyelashes. Yeah.

Flirty Asian chick is super flirty. She’s posing there for me. All of this for me, me, me!

She’ll love all my fucking jokes, when I’m brave enough. I know it. I feel it in all the right places. The parts that matter.

When I’m brave the fuck enough, I’ll be charming and smart, and flirty Asian chick will go bananas and shit, gushing at everything coming out of my mouth because everything coming out of my mouth will be solid a-game.

Me Chinese. Me play joke. Me go pee-pee in your fucking coke.

But not flirty Asian girl’s coke. I would never do that.

Unless she wants that. Because I am fucking open to all ideas.

Soon. I’ll be in her arms, squeezing me so hard my eyes bulge and balls balloon.

One day I’ll be the happiest of us all.


The train shakes her and me in unison. The start of our oneness.

We’re thinking the same thing, me and her. We’re shaking, me and her. We’re fantasizing the same story, me and her.

Once upon a time, flirty Asian chick got on a train. One day there was a guy named me who got on the same train.

Motherfucking boom. Magic.

Soon flirty Asian chick will be so happy, giggling like a freak, but because her English is junk she’ll express approval with her eyes. Big, bubbly, ecstasy eyes.

Our new language.

Now she’s on her phone. Who’s the lucky prick? I’m gonna be the lucky prick. Because I’m owed this. Because this is mine, mine, mine.

Flirty Asian chick pecks at her phone with tiny birdie fingers. Delicate little origami things flitting.

A whole aisle between us. Soon there will be nothing between us.

Forever and ever. Mashed together in every conceivable way.

Chinese. Japanese. Dirty knees. Look at these. Boy, I will see them fucking all.

Flirty Asian girl and I will get off this train together. This action was arranged before we were sperms. All this time, wriggling and struggling to get closer to each other. The both of us all kamikaze and shit.

Then ka-ka-boooom!

We’ll be something bonkers. Something like a mutant moth soaring high above the city. World of bonsai trees beneath us.

Oh shit. Gonna be a new me.

One day I’ll be so fucking big that when she opens her eyes, all she sees is me. Flesh sky. Flesh hills. Flesh sea. Amber waves of flesh. She’ll try to look away, but I’ll be the only thing she can see for fucking miles.


published 10 April 2013