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Some slut contributors have work published on this website, while others have not.

Here is the complete list of contributors and their stories:

Andrew Bowles  -  Give it a go 

Nancy Chapple  -  S. L. U. T.

Joanna Delooze  -  Perfect Choice

Doris Dembosky  -  Nice Girls

Jennifer Donnell  -  Why Not Guacamole

Elaine Donovan  -  The Shallow End

Cheryl Anne Gardner  -  Lessons from the Gridiron: Voyeurism and Gingivitis

William Henderson  -  Fragments 

Gill Hoffs  -  Slut's Pennies

Phillis Ideal  -  Crossed 

David James Keaton  -  Three Minutes 

Len Kuntz  -  Sex in the Time of Now

Maude Larke  -  Hostage

Vanessa Weibler Paris  -  Two Marshmallows Stacked

Pedro Ponce  -  Housekeeping 

Matt Potter  - Espresso

Stephen V. Ramey  -  Red Light

Sally Reno  -  Ulysses, sailing 

John Riley  -  My Own Gun

Mark Rosenblum  -  Hot Ocean Breeze 

Karen Eileen Sikola  -  Extraction from Lackey Place

Joseph Szewczyk  -  Duck Boy

Nathaniel Tower  -  Easy Mourning

Meg Tuite  -  Penicello

Michael Webb  -  Dealbreaker

Tiffany White  -  Clocks

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Nancy Chapple

An American in Berlin, Nancy writes about people, sex and love, classical music, and herself. Recently debuting a performance piece with spoken word and live piano playing, her current projects include interview-based radio plays on childlessness and aging, and character portraits to be performed in German and English.

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Doris Dembosky

Doris Dembosky, a teacher and journalist, lives in Westcliffe, Colorado. When not reading like a writer – always seeking to learn the tricks of the trade – she writes essays, short stories and poetry. A political junkie, she tries hard to keep her editorializing under control. Check out her blog at http://timeout2.wordpress.com

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Elaine Donovan

Happily married woman living in Florida. I grew up with my nose in a book and writing poetry my mother called smut. I read several books a week, and like to attend cultural events with my husband, take our dogs for walks, and go on vacation.

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Joseph Szewczyk

Joseph Szewczyk recently escaped from SUNY Binghamton where he sat on the editorial board for Harpur Palate. He is currently finishing his PhD, a bottle of Burgundy, and casting midget porn—but not necessarily in that order.

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