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We are ruled by our eyes, but often fooled by them, too. Take the chair you’re sitting on, for example. It looks solid enough. It’s sturdy enough to hold your body weight, yet it’s not solid at all.

If you look closely enough, you see that it’s millions and millions of tiny particles with minute spaces between them, held together by a force or energy.

So are people. Ordinary light can’t find it’s way between the particles of us, but x-ray light can. So can sound waves. And they, in turn, aren’t solid, either. Light is both a particle and a wave. Sound is a vibration and a pause.

If everything in the Universe, including our bodies, is one thing and another at the same time, what about the human race? Are we separate individuals and one force at the same time? Is my soul connected to your soul, and yours, and making up one big soul?

And how do we understand this mysterious force that holds all these things together?

I was a teacher before, a rabbi, and an enforcer of rules. Everything was either black or white, on or off, like computer code. We couldn’t see that black and white are inseparable, that light cannot exist without dark.

Without light and dark, we could not form pictures. We could not see.

Teachers use pictures a lot. We think in pictures, so it can be an effective way to introduce an idea. But sometimes it backfires. We can believe that the picture is reality, instead of an illustration.

That’s why some people believe everything they see on TV, or on YouTube.  It’s a problem.

So, if you give students an analogy, a word-picture, that the force that holds you and me and everything in the Universe together is a benevolent, white-haired old guy who just happens to have a stash of scary thunderbolts at his disposal, some people will take it at face value. They’ll miss the idea and believe the picture.

It is a nice picture. Who wouldn’t want it to be true? But if it were true, then we are merely children, passive recipients rather than active participants in, or even users of, this incredible energy inside us. If we, as a race of individual particles that are part of a big wave, could shift our thinking just a little, amazing things could happen.

So that’s what I had in mind, I guess, when I said, or suggested some things about The Master. Believe in him—yes—but maybe not quite the way some people think.

Believe that he showed you the way, so you can change things. That Heaven is within you and all around us, if we choose to create it. The power is in all of us, separately and together at the same time.


published 22 November 2011 

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