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The Cake from Jane

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by Mark Hudson


            About two years ago my mother passed away, and

we were all really sad. She was a good woman, and there

was not a dry eye at the funeral.

            It didn’t take my dad long to find a new woman to

decide to marry. Living in Florida, and suddenly single,

he had ten widows interested. But he picked Jane.

            My mother used to bake a special cake for my dad;

a Texas sheet cake; and if I remember correctly one half

of the cake had nuts on it, another didn’t. Either my dad

liked the nuts on the cake and others in my family didn’t,

or vice-versa.

            Apparently, Jane is a good cook, which I found

out first-hand when I visited them in Florida. But one

day before Jane and my dad got married, Jane baked

my dad a Texas sheet cake, with nuts on one side, the

other plain! She had no idea that was his favorite cake,

nor did he request it. That’s when we felt peace about Jane,

like if my mother could speak from heaven, she would

approve, and she wouldn’t want my dad to be lonely.

And seeing that Jane is a good cook, he’ll be dining

like a king for the rest of his days, even having an

occasional Texas sheet cake!


published 17 September 2016