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The Longest Goodbye

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by Walter Bjorkman 


Carla: ok Bill, gotta go, bye talk later

Bill: I remember the time Eddie and I were on the phone talking and outside in his yard there was a rabbit once in Austin I saw a fish in a koi pond and it was hot and sunny when I worked for the airlines Deidre was there oh did I tell you she wanted me bad thank god her son walked in and when i first went on facebook I was bill braaaaaaaaaaaaaag once in Capitola i saw a lizard had a beer and listened to Bob Dylan and then it rained in Arizona someone has a cat named Chester the Molester I have a rock in my yard, wanna see it I had asparagus for dinner yum I like onions I took a shower yesterday and my rash is gone Connie made me have a rash btw Deidre is a horny whore Suzi is slutty but ugly Candi has a new book out about how she likes to slurp there are cats here one skinny one fat and they fart ... are you still there?

Carla: CLICK. 


published 16 October 2013