Pure Slush

flash ... without the wank

the memories of water

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by Kathryn Yuen 


scientist Matsuru Emoto

photographed water

postulated that the hydrating fluid

remembers how it felt?responded?reacted?

to sounds, electromagnetic waves, words,

thoughts, emotions of its environment


I‘ll refrain from cursing when I get soap in

my eye or caught in the rain


I’ll aim to emulate the resilient wisdom of H2O

I’ll be still, calm, adaptable, flexible, unstoppable,

peaceful, soothing, refreshing, able to dilute, dynamic,

go with the flow, chisel mountains cliffs canyons,

store energetic healing imprints,


I’ll be open to the idea of holy water


pretend it’s part of my daily suggested &

lucky-to-have-it water ration intake


remember, people are three quarters water


and wonder why man’s extraordinary acts of kindness

often follows ordinary everyday miracles


like that of the Asian baby delivered into a sewer pipe

who nestled there, placenta still attached

he found a will and way to live, cried ‘I’m stuck, need help’ in infant frequency

gave a world that’s slow to show compassion a second chance


Water can wash away life’s shit, christen a believer into faith

hydrate a thirst, restore a jaded blue-collar worker to living God 


published 6 November 2013