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The Stone Bear

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by William Doreski 


The stone bear arrives at night,

trailing glaciers. Its face buffs

the windows until they shine


to compete with purple starlight.

I dream that the stone bear licks

my forehead to check my flavor


before tossing me into the lake.

Am I supposed to bait the fish

that flock to the shore to drown


in drapes and folds of heavy air?

You pose on the beach in swimsuit

scaled like a mermaid costume


but iridescent even at night—

a living song. You and the stone bear

walk paw in paw into the forest


while I stream insensible water

from every pore. The music simpers

with discord that fails to rouse me.


The clash of notions you present

to the stone bear as a wedding gift

is final, and leaves my humor singed. 


published 19 March 2016